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Chunghwa Telecom builds the state-of-the-art cloud knowledge platform with CommonWealth Magazine- Taiwan's most respected publication on economics, politics and current events.
CommonWealth Magazine Group adopts Chunghwa Telecom hicloud VPC (virtual private cloud), S3 cloud storage, and IDC service. By using hybrid cloud framework with swift/flexible resources, broad bandwidth and secure storage, the IT service of the group is able to support the company to keep up with current events and trends

In the era of Internet, CommonWealth Magazine Group also provides online digital contents. It is like racing against time regarding keeping up with current topic in this changing world. Information department should be responsible for building up IT environment to support the business units both on promoting marketing events such as physical lecture and internet campaign.
To be timely, the information department in the corporation has to be ready for the infrastructure within a week, such as system, website, database, etc. Ms. Wei, Senior Manager of Information Technology in CommonWealth Magazine, points out,” Time is a great challenge for IT department. And the number of the online users will vary drastically based on whether there is any hot topic. When there is a hot topic going on, the page views of the website can amount to hundreds of thousands visitors. If our resources are prepared under the demand, the user experience will be negatively affected. On the other hand, if they are over the demand, then our investment will be wasted.”

Rapid Deployment on Cloud Resource.Enable IT services to keep up with current events.

To deal with short timeliness and unclear demand, CommonWealth Magazine Group sees the advantages that Chunghwa Telecom hicloud VPC service provides: the rapid deployment, flexible resources and diverse cloud information security services (IPS intrusion prevention, DDoS blocking defense, etc.) The service helps enterprises create a safe IT environment with abundant resources, which further drives market expansion and the promotion hosted by the business units. Therefore, the group decided to use the service on March 2014.
Ms. Wei further indicates, ”We used to spend 2-4 weeks to process the purchase of new server. Now, it takes much less time to set up a complete set of system environment while enabling hicloud VPC host resources. Using hicloud cloud service allows us to be more efficient in preparatory work. On average, CommonWealth Magazine Group holds about 2-3 events every month. Therefore, it reduces the workload of IT department effectively and also helps IT service keep pace with the business development.

Click-and-Morta Integration, creating the most value for the Enterprise

When immigrating to cloud, the labor cost of system transfer and the wastes of investment in the existing facilities are the issues to be concerned. The team of Chunghwa Telecom IDC/cloud services possesses the abundant professional experiences in the areas of maintenance and operation. The team assisted the Group in planning a hybrid cloud framework, which lifted up the pressure of one-time transfer by remaining some parts of the system in IDC service. Besides, the Group can utilize the existing equipment to its most value and enjoy the easiness and flexibility of the cloud service at the same time.。
Furthermore, the Group uses IDC and hicloud S3 Cloud Storage to synchronize and backup all kinds of valuable digital contents such as columns and photos. With S3 storage service, the expectation of the returns of IT investment and data security are both met. IT team can manage a highly reliable storage space with the limited resources. Ms. Wei emphasizes, "The S3 storage system will be synchronized to Chunghwa Telecom remote data center. Our data preservation plan can be more complete by having remote backup mechanism".

Safe, Reliable and Ample Bandwidth, enabling the knowledge to flow more efficiently

Public cloud services are resource shared with other users. Ms. Wei believes that the security is required more considerations. The data security can be more guaranteed by using hicloud VPC (virtual private cloud) in the exclusive resource pool.
Chunghwa Telecom hicloud service has sufficient network bandwidth, which is why CommonWealth Magazine chooses the services. Ms. Wei pointed out,“ CommonWealth Magazine explores an array of topics; Some issues are widespread discussed due to current affairs and popular articles posted in the web communities. There will be a burst in website traffic; therefore, the cloud platform needs to be ensured that there is sufficient bandwidth to meet the needs.
With fast, flexible and abundant cloud resources, CommonWealth Magazine Group is able to build the updated knowledge cloud platform and strengthen the management of division group and interactive learning platform at the same time. By connecting the information based on the subjects, the Magazine helps every reader keep updated with the world affairs that matter to them.。