Disaster Recovery Service

Chunghwa Telecom IDC provides DR services, combining IDC service with the network and data storage perspectives. Our customers can choose the service combination with flexibility and integrate with the existing ones. Furthermore, we can even provide customized DR plan for individual enterprise for any special needs.
  ◎ Location: Our data centers are located in the multiple cities across Taiwan, from which our customers can choose according to their office location. As a result, the needs of business relocation operation and business sustainable planning can be fully met wherever our customers base.
  ◎ Network Backup:We provide various network backup solutions with both Internet (HiNet) and Intranet.
  ◎ Storage Backup:We offer a range of stable, flexible, efficient and secure backup storage services, including data storage, data / system backup, tape backup, data / system restoration, on site backup, remote backup and remote replication solutions, etc.

A.Hard disk storage backup service

According to customer’s request , we provide both SAN(Storage Area Network)and NAS(Network Attached System)backup modes. SAN applies direct control over reading/writing data that are best adopted for database. NAS applies CIFS/NFS file system to access control which would be best for servers.
In addition to backup service, our customer can choose disaster recovery service for more strengthened backup mechanism. The data transmission between any IDC data centers is very easy with fiber-optic network and HiNet HiLink VPN. Remote backup can be transferred with either synchronous or asynchronous mode. Once a problem occurs, remote backup will quickly switch on as main host to ensure the system operate without any interruption.

B.Tape Backup

Tape backup has been a popular way for storage backup for a long time. However, nowadays many enterprises consider whether to keep the old way due to the increasing amount of tape storage as well as the deriving issues of tape management and depreciation. We understand the pain points of our customers. HiNet IDC provides tape backup service combined with internationally well-known brand Qualstar SCSI and IBM LTO Tape Driver Library. Our customers are able to operate data backup in a short time. We are the best choice to our customers with the service of safe tape backup and management, such as strict access control and 24/7 security control.

We deliver the comprehensive DR solution and consulting service based on customers’ demand. Our solutions range from DR center, office and personnel support, data backup, application server backup, network backup to disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan ,etc.