Information Security Service

Firewall Service

Our customer can choose to adopt the exclusive hardware firewall with high quality brands offered by Chunghwa IDC in accordance with actual demand. They can also build a manageable interface which can be monitored between the internal network (Intranet) and Internet. It will form a solid defense wall for data security by controlling all the inflows and outflows of network packets, setting up the internet security policy and allowing the specific data accessing behavior based on the actual internet operation.

IPS/ IDS Service

We offer IPS/IDS service to help enterprises control the real status of the servers anytime and keep them safe from the hackers’ malicious damage.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is mainly responsible for monitoring network packets. It monitors operating status of the network and system, which is based on the preset security policy. When the abnormal situation is detected, the system will send the alarm message to the network administrator automatically and record all sorts of the attacking attempts, behaviors and outcomes. IPS takes initiatives when there is abnormal packet or behavior. The system sends alarm message to the administrator and responds immediately, such as taking action on the source IP blockade.

DDoS Mitigation

IDC service applies DDoS defense mechanism built on HiNet backbone network in order to help our customers defend the attacks that could amount up to Gigabyte. It effectively blocks a large number of the instant DDoS attacking packets (such as ICMP FIood, UDP FIood, SYN Flood, etc.) and mitigates the problem of the network congestion resulted from the attacks. Our multiple active defense technology integrates with the basic features, behavior model, customized characteristics and mitigation of the massive network attacks. We can provide our enterprise customers the best protection with the effective packet-attack filtering, active detect and alert mechanism and responsive customized defense rule.