Our Promise

We understand our customers are facing the rapid change on the Internet and the increasingly competitive business environment. The basic hosting service can no longer meet their needs. Instead, our customers demand the integration of data center with a full range of services. Therefore, we enable ourselves from being an Internet Data Center to an Integrated Data Center. Our services range from basic hosting services, remote backup, data backup to firewall security strengthening and all sorts of the cloud services.
Thinking ahead of our customers, Chunghwa Telecom IDC is ready to work with our customer and provide the best services in the most specialized manner.

  • Nowadays, the rampant hackers and virus outbreak seriously impact the Internet safety and jeopardize the bandwidth resources. In order to ensure our customers ’data security, Chunghwa Telecom IDC provides three main solutions regarding the server-sideinformation security service.

  • Disaster Recovery (DR) has played a crucial role in business risk management. Chunghwa Telecom IDC provides DR services, combining IDC service with the network and data storage perspectives.