Network Service

Network has become the pillar of the business development for enterprises with the trend of enterprise application migrating to the network and cloud. If the network doesn’t run smoothly, companies will be less efficient or even risky of losing business opportunities. Therefore, we Chunghwa Telecom has built and keeps maintain a highly reliable network and also continue to expand network bandwidth in order to best assist the enterprises in winning business.

The Country’s Highest Bandwidth

We offer the most reliable network with the highest bandwidth and the lowest latency. It connects with other domestic networks in the country as well as those across the border. We continue to expend the domestic and global bandwidth. Our domestic network bandwidth exceeds 5,000 Gbps, satisfying the market demand of high bandwidth and flexible expansion. Also, our global bandwidth reaches 1,000 Gbps, connecting to countries throughout Asia, Europe and America including U.S., Japan, Mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia and France.

High-speed Network Service

Chunghwa IDC has all sorts of network resources, ranging from data transmission network, international submarine cable, Internet (HiNet), VPN network and securities network. All our data centers are directly connected to the backbone nodes or even in the same data center with them. To satisfy the market demands of the lowest latency and shortest routes, we leverage our competitive advantage in network to help our customers grasp business opportunities without delay.

The Most Comprehensive Network Service

Chunghwa IDC has the extensive network covered all the country. We were the 1st provider to build the new-generation pan-actinic fiber network and possess the most abundant resources of submarine cables as well as the greatest domestic network including HiNet, VPN and Securities network. To create the network clusters in IDC, we offer the fixed-line service connected with other ISP providers and private submarine cables to satisfy enterprises’ diversified demand (e.g. DR and application).

  • Offering Fast/Reliable Network Services: Enterprise Private Network (domestic/global), Domestic Lease Line, and Global Submarine Cable.

  • IDC offers the fixed-line service connected with other ISP providers based on our customers’ network plan. We are the partner of the enterprises and help them do business more easily.

  • With optical fiber/UTP interfaces, our customers can make connection with all cabinets and systems in the data centers with flexibility based on the network architect design.