Network Service


Data Center Service

The minimum requirements for a high-standard professional data center are solid building construction, safe environment for the servers, uninterrupted power nd strict access control. In addition to the five solid physical protections (including electronic fence, gate channel, metal detection, access card control and biometric authentication), there is also no-blind-spot surveillance system and SOC information security provided to help our customers ensure the data storage protected at the highest level. We keep our promise to build the “SAFE” service- Secure, Always on, Flexibility and Expertise.

Specialized Certification

Our service obtains several professional certifications ,including ISO 9001、ISO 27001、OHSAS 18001、ISO 50001、ISO 14001. We are the 1st telecommunication company successfully implement ISO 27001/ISO 27011- the International information security managing mechanism in Taiwan.

We passed the international audit by the certification authority –British Standards Institution (BSI) and obtained the international certificates: ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS for Telecommunication organizations and ISO/IEC 27011 by National Communications Commission (NCC) in November 2011, June 2012 respectively. In September 2012, the scope of the certified range expanded to all administrative, sales, technical and data centers. It covers all service and systems, including IDC service, network maintenance, billings and the e-commerce service.

In line with our service philosophy” Always ahead”, we strive to provide our customers the service with the best quality. CHT Taipei data center (to be completed in 2016) is designed with the highest level and will be the 1st international data center that meets the most global standard- TIA-942 rated 4 in Taiwan.

  • Offering cabinets, private cages and customized services with high-level security control and the safe data storage.

  • Offering various leasing plans of network/ IT equipment, we help customers reduce the complicated work of purchase, maintenance and repairment.

  • Offering all kinds of professional assistance on network installation and maintenance, helping our customers do the setup and modifications remotely.