Q:Why do enterprises choose IDC service?

A:Our enterprise customers can benefit from IDC service as the reduction of operation cost and construction time, the best quality of bandwidth and professional information security services.

◆ IDC service provides electrical and mechanical equipment for the data center.
◆ IDC service offers hardware technicians for the maintenance work
◆ Don’t need to invest a great deal of money at the initial stage.
◆ IDC service provides single service window for planning, consulting and fault-handling processing.
◆ Enterprises can focus on core business, free from the troublesome issues related to electrical and mechanical and monitoring management.
◆ Enterprises have choices for information security protection, free from dealing with the setup work for the security-related equipment and interpreting the reports.
◆ Enterprises have direct connection to HiNet backbone and HiLink VPN nodes, the best network environment in Taiwan.

Q:What are the reasons to lease IDC service instead of self-building data center?


Q:Chunghwa Telecom provides services of hihosting, hicloud and IDC, etc. How to decide from which service to choose for the company?

A:◆ IDC service is recommended if your company has ability to take full control of IT, design the overall system and network infrastructure. Also, you have high-level customization for security and high demand for hardware resources.
◆  hicloud Service is recommended if your company is a small sized enterprise, requires website installment or mail server and has the basic IT capabilities and certain security requirements. There is no high performance requirement for the website.
◆  hihosting service is recommended if your company is a small sized enterprise, has little IT capabilities and requires website installment or mail server.

Q:Can company choose IDC service on small demand?

A:Yes, the minimum unit for IDC is 7U (110V / 3A). The fee is only a few thousands TWD per month and you can enjoy the integrated service of cabinets, bandwidth, firewalls and information security.

Q:What if our company needs the fixed line input from other operators?

A: At current stage, we only accept other fixed line inputs from different operators to enter CHT Taipei IDC (at Banqiao). If there are special needs for financial customers (due to the regulation requirements: there must be more than 2 fixed lines from different operators.), it can be arranged accordingly.

Q:How do we estimate the number of cabinets based on the company’s requirement?

A:Our professional team can offer a list of equipment and assist on evaluating the possible power usage and the required number of cabinet through our consulting services. However, the actual amount may alter due to the actual usage.

Q:What is the maximum kilowatt (kw) that CHT Taipei IDC can offer per cabinet?

A:We offer 3kw, 4kw or 5 kw per cabinet. If there is any special need, we will provide the customized service based on the demand.