In recent years, Chunghwa Telecom continues to grow our IDC business. Confronted with the increasing demands from government, financial and cloud industries, we have leveraged our professional network experiences in data center hosting and construction and kept on allocating more data centers in Taiwan. The total floor area of all our data centers exceeds 180,000 square meters. Among all providers, we offer the greatest numbers of options and our data centers are distributed most widely around Taiwan. With more than 15,000 cabinets, we take the first place in market share domestically.

North area

CHT Taipei IDC

Xinyi IDC

Neihu IDC

Taoyuan IDC

Zhongli IDC

Dansui IDC

Sanchong IDC

Jiantan IDC

East 6 IDC

Aiguo IDC

Xinzhuang IDC

Zhubei IDC

Central area

Taichung IDC

Liming IDC

South area

Tainan IDC

Qixian IDC

Zhongshan IDC