Strong Defense

Impregnable Defense

The location of our data center had gone through strict evaluation process on the nature catastrophe such as earthquake and flood so that the disasters risk can be avoided as much as possible. While the buildings of data centers are being constructed, the architecture of seismic-resistant design is adopted to ensure that the tolerance of seismic intensity meets level 7 or above. Also, the surroundings of the main buildings are designed with water- gate, drainage ditch and other flood preventions. In order to provide a stable and secure data center, the comprehensive environmental control system, 24-hour access control of professional safeguards and attendants are deployed. Personnel can only enter the data center with access card and through biometric authentication. Inside the building, there is a surveillance system without any blind spot to control access in every section. We are nonstop monitoring all systems such as power, air-conditioning, security and network 24/7 in order to keep the data center from any possible disastrous incident.